The R-22 Refrigerant Phase-out: What it Means for Homeowners

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With cooler weather settling in, it will soon be time to turn off your A/C for the year. However, you may want to think about whether your air conditioning system needs replacing, especially if it uses R-22 refrigerant. To help the environment, the government is phasing out production of R-22 by the year 2020. For air conditioning replacement and air conditioning repair, Montgomery County PA trusts Solution-Based Plumbing, Heating, and A/C—we can tell you what you need to know about the phase-out, and what steps you should take now to avoid headaches and big expenses later on.

Why is R-22 Being Phased Out?

R-22 is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC). HCFCs are ozone-depleting substances used in refrigeration and air conditioning. The ozone layer absorbs UV lights and protects us from the sun.

To preserve the ozone layer and cooperate with the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency is phasing out production and import of most HCFCs by 2020.

What Does This Mean for Air Conditioners?

R-22 was once the refrigerant of choice for air conditioning systems, so it is still the most common HCFC in use today. For homeowners, the phase-out means that R-22 is going to be harder and harder to find, since it won’t be produced anymore. If you need this refrigerant and manage to get your hands on it, you will probably find that it is very expensive. The prices of R-22 and R-22 system parts are already increasing dramatically.

As a quick fix, you might be able to patch up your old system with parts that can use newer refrigerant. However, it’s much more cost-effective long-term to replace the A/C system entirely. Upgrading to a modern model, especially if your current system is over 20 years old, will save lots of money on future repairs, parts, and energy bills. Plus, you won’t have to worry about where to find R-22 the next time your air conditioner needs refrigerant on a hot day.

SBPHA/C Can Help

Even with regular maintenance, your HVAC system won’t be able to keep up with the times if it relies on R-22 refrigerant. Replacing your air conditioning system sooner rather than later will save lots of money in the long run and prevent it from failing when you need it the most.

Call the SBPHA/C technicians at 215-584-2098 for quality air conditioning replacement and air conditioning repair. Montgomery County PA and surrounding areas trust us to provide expert plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services. If you have more questions about R-22 and how the phase-out affects you, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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