Air Conditioning Repair

A scorching hot day without air conditioning can be insufferable and even dangerous during a heat wave. Every homeowner should have an HVAC system they can rely on to safely cool their home and keep the air clean. And when something goes wrong, every homeowner should have a reliable company to call to make repairs efficiently and correctly. We’re proud to be the company that so many people rely on for air conditioning repairs in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

What To Do When the A/C Stops Working

Perhaps your air conditioning system has stopped cooling your home, but your experience with HVAC units is little to none. A little trouble shooting can go a long way, and can help us diagnose bigger problems with you over the phone.

If your unit doesn’t respond when the thermostat is programmed for cooling, following these steps might help:

  1. Make sure it’s not a tripped breaker or blown fuse. Double check the main electrical panel to make sure the problem can’t be solved by just resetting the breaker.
  2. Set the temperature lower. Make sure the thermostat is set 3 or 4 degrees below the current room temperature (and set to COOL!) before checking if cold air is flowing.
  3. Check the thermostat’s attachment. If you’re comfortable removing the thermostat’s cover, you can do so after you’ve shut off power to the air conditioner. Try replacing the batteries if it has them and make sure the wires are securely connected.

Remember to wait 60 to 90 seconds before you check for air flow from the vents. If you’ve done all that, and the cooling system still won’t turn on, there’s a good chance you’ll need a visit from the experts. There could be bigger mechanical problems at play here that only a trained HVAC technician can handle. Our instructional how-to videos might also help you learn more about your home’s A/C system.

Remember to Consult A Professional

Nothing beats having a trained expert take a look at your system to tell you what it needs. If you have questions about your system or you aren’t sure whether to repair or replace your air conditioning unit, give us a call or request a call back. We’re available 24/7 for emergency service and we’re happy to help.

We are fully licensed and insured in plumbing and HVAC including liability, auto and workers’ comp. We take protecting our customers very seriously at SBPHA/C, which is why we carry far above the legal minimum on all our insurances. With us, your number one investment, your home, is completely protected.