Generator Installation

Original customer call: Estimate on a generator in a very small backyard in Media, Pennsylvania.

The customer wanted us to look into being able to put a 20 2KW generator in a backyard with very limited clearances. As we worked through the process, the township attempted to refuse this application due to a noise ordinance. We worked with the township and the customer in checking the ordinances and found that emergency equipment was exempt thus allowing us to move forward with the project.

The project required removal of patio pavers, excavation, installing of the gas line and electrical for the generator, as well as installation of a gas line the customer added for a permanent grill. We replaced the pavers and finished with installing the generator. During the process we noticed that the fan on the water heater was grinding during start up and brought this to the customer’s attention. The water heater was 12 years old and adjacent to a beautiful finished basement. We immediately recommended replacement due to the risk of the bottom blowing out of the water heater.

By the time all was said and done, the water heater, generator and grill were all installed. They function properly and look great. And we must add that for a bunch of plumbers, the patio blocks look better than when we started!

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