Leak Turns into Remodel

Original customer call: Emergency leak.

We got a call at 11 PM because water was spraying out of the bathroom. After stabilizing the system and getting water to the rest of the house, I advised the client we may want to consider remodeling at this time because they had expressed a desire to remodel shortly in the future anyway. Josh worked with their insurance company to get them accurate pricing then Stacy helped select all the products and styles that would fit best inside their new bathroom. Our client selected a beautiful marble floor and an interesting wall tile for the shower. Between the floor and the walls there could not be a much more difficult tile application. Notice that there are no grout lines between the floor tiles and the marble is perfectly flat. Also notice the exacting nature of the wall tile design! This was a fun project that was completed in approximately 3 to 4 weeks because it did involve other repair work in the garage area from water damage. The end result was very beautiful.

Marble Tile Finish

Steam Main Leak with New Floor – Wynnewood, PA

After Road Restore

Septic to Sewer Conversion – Levittown, PA


Generator Installation – Media, PA

Pipe Removal for New Units

Residental Multi-System Conversion – Media, PA