Septic to Sewer Conversion

Original customer call: Overflowing cesspool.

Upon inspection of the property it was found that the approximately 100-year-old cesspool had failed and was no longer percolating. We advised the customer it would be necessary to connect to the public sewer. This is another one of these old beautiful homes that we love so much. In fact so old -300 years- that the plumbing is run on the exterior of the building because it was built before indoor plumbing was available. How interesting is that?!

This job had quite a bit of administrative difficulty. We coordinated with not only the local municipality but also DEP, the Sewer Authority, and the municipality’s engineering firm. The job is further complicated by being situated on a state highway, requiring a highway opening permit from the state. We contracted our engineer to draw up the plans and submit them for approval by the necessary agencies, keeping the customer informed at all times of the progress made. After about six months and half a dozen meetings, our application was approved and work could commence. First portion to be installed was the lateral in the street.

This was followed by road restoration and then ultimately the new lateral on the property. Due to the fact that there were individual stacks running up the walls on the exterior, there was an extensive amount of excavation and exterior tie-ins. Two cesspools were backfilled with stone and graded over, then a new stack was run up in the back. The end result was well executed and the customer very satisfied.

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