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Here at Solution Based Plumbing and Heating, we combine tried and true methods and quality craftsmanship with the latest, cutting-edge technologies where they apply to benefit our clients. Shark bite, PEX, and tankless water heaters are examples of great new products, but they should be offered in the right circumstances and the clients should be informed of their risks/limitations. Two of the things we do best are communicate/educate our clients and help with selecting the correct product for long-term satisfaction.

If we don’t want it in our house, we don’t recommend it for yours!

Stacy and I care about every single client and we both have strong customer service backgrounds. Our employees are given strict guidelines about how we operate: cleanliness, customer service and quality tradesmanship. At Solution Based Plumbing and Heating we really are a family of clients, owners and employees.

Thank you for choosing Solution Based Plumbing and Heating, Inc.!

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