Picture of a sewer line

Every time water is run or the toilet is flushed, drain pipes carry waste created out of the home/building via the drainage system, which is connected to the house sewer.  Homes 60 years and older may be experiencing more problems with their sewer because the materials used are now aged.  Tree roots and yards that have very heavy traffic can also lead to problems with older sewers. Modern sewers properly installed will last for another 100+ years. Cleanouts should be installed so that if there is a blockage, a plumber can access the sewer at that point to clean it.

Call us about the sewer problems listed below:

  • gurgling or sputtering sounds
  • backups
  • foul odors
  • vermin present in the home, including sewer flies
  • wastewater present on lawn or outdoor area
  • slow flow
  • leaks