Solution Based Ethical Foundation

Our Culture: We Put Customers First

We’re committed to excellence in everything we do for our customers and our community. We’re driven by the key components of our Code of Values – in both our professional and personal lives.

Code of Values: We Never Compromise Our Integrity

Communication – We will:

…listen to everything you say and acknowledge that what you say is important.

…speak calmly and respectfully, without profanity or sarcasm.

…work together to determine your EXACT needs before providing any services, clearly define what will be done, and follow through with our plans.

…always be available to answer your questions about the best solution for the task at hand, achieving a level of understanding you’ll appreciate.


Honesty/Integrity – We will:

…communicate honestly, making only agreements that are in your best interest for the long term, ones that we are willing and able to keep.

…present all solutions for correction for your review and consideration.

…take responsibility for all our work; we’ll lead by example by taking diligent, persevering measures to do what’s best, and resolve any potential issues in a fair and ethical manner to ensure your satisfaction.


Respect – We will:

…go Above and Beyond to earn your trust and respect by treating you as we would like to be treated, with courtesy and compassion.

…protect and maintain your home, and observe laws and regulations that demonstrate that we value your business, and as well as our business itself.

…respect the value of your time. We’ll schedule services around your schedule, and keep you informed daily with confirmation calls and any updated scheduling regarding your service.

Compliance – We will:

…create reliable systems and perform installations that comply with all required codes. Where previous code violations exist, we will advise you of how best to correct them.

…protect you and your family, with all required licensure and insurances in place including Workers’ Comp, General Liability at $2M per occurrence, Master Plumber licensure and PA HIC licensure.

Cleanliness – We will:

…keep your home meticulously clean and damage free.

…utilize every method necessary to protect your property and family including plastic, tarps, RAM boards, booties, HEPA vacuums, etc.