Customer Testimonials

“I called in a panic, and Stacy calmed me down. She talked me through everything and made an appointment for the next day. The technicians were quick and efficient. They even called to make sure coming at half hour earlier was OK, which was wonderful! I couldn’t ask for a better, more perfect experience. The price was right on the mark and I wasn’t overcharged for anything.”

-Debbie in King Of Prussia, PA
February 2016

“I had cabinets and countertops being put in my kitchen and Josh was able to schedule around the install dates and finish as promised. He is very knowledgeable. He educated me on my old building (as I did not know what had to be done), and brought the plumbing up to code. This is an excellent, honest plumbing company with high quality work and very good pricing. I have already recommended Solution Based and absolutely will again!”

-Steve in Philadelphia, PA
February 2016

“I lost heat in the middle of the night and Josh came out with no zero hesitation. He was able to repair my heating system within 24 hours. He is absolutely amazing, courteous and friendly. I will be using him for all my future plumbing and heating repairs or projects.”

-David in Philadelphia, PA
January 2016

“Josh is not just a plumber, he’s a PROBLEM SOLVER! He’s curious, knowledgeable, professional (on time, always gives you options and numbers and gets your go ahead before doing anything), he’s smart, cleans up, careful with your floor and cabinets, sink and counters, good sense of humor and a nice guy too. I had them come to clear 5 drains, and they ended up resolving issues I had at least 3 different plumbers here to resolve to no avail. HVAC too. I thought there was nothing I could do to remedy these problems so I hadn’t even mentioned them. But, Josh doesn’t come and just do the job and go… he’s curious, and loves a problem to solve. He saw those problems and asked me about them. He’s really good at seeing the whole thing. So, 2 problems down, one to go . . . oh yeah, and he and his team cleared all the drains too.”

-Mare in Ardmore, PA
January 2016

“Solution Based is more than just a Plumbing and Heating Contractor. Josh and his team are consultants offering solutions to most every residential need. They do high quality work, on time and within budget. Josh will scope and cost out a project offering multiple solutions/costs. He will even turn down a job if he feels the benefit outweighs the long term gain for the homeowner. Highly recommend as they have completed over 10 projects for us over the past two years. We call Josh for all our home improvement needs.”

-Mimi in Langhorne, PA
January 2016

“They were great, very professional and excellent customer service. I will recommend them to family and friends for the simple fact, they stand behind their work.”

-Dan in Philadelphia, PA
January 2016

“Josh has been working on various projects in my home for more than a year. He and his team have installed new radiators in my sunroom; rebuilt the plumbing in my crawl space, replaced a rotted iron waste pipe in my wall and removed the mold it caused above my living room and entry hall, repaired numerous toilets, replaced a hot water heater, fixed one boiler and replaced another and the biggest job served as the general contractor for the complete replacement of pipes and the steam shower in the master bath. This entailed the complete protection of my hardwood floors, my Persian rugs and grand piano, my furniture, mirrors, cabinets and marble _ much of which had to be removed intact from the damaged bath. The job required demolition, electrical work, carpentry, removing mold from the shower, rebuilding walls, tiling a brand new shower with marble ceiling and walls, installing niches in the shower, building a sitting bench within the shower, replacing pipes and some fixtures, cleaning and reusing other fixtures, matching my marble counters with marble side panels and doing ogee edges to match the original marble. Josh found subs for all these tasks that were not plumbing tasks. He dealt with our insurance company and negotiated on our behalf (and my husband is an attorney) but Josh knew how to present the work to the company adjustors in the most expert manner! Josh handled the budget, oversaw the payments to all the subs, oversaw the inspections and did so much more.

When I met Josh originally, it was for his opinion on my failed sunroom heating system (radiant heat). This room is 860 square feet and I did not want it ruined with an awkward ugly solution. He provided a solution I was able to love.

Let me tell you what I learned about Josh Simpson as he handled thousands and thousands of details in some expensive reconstruction and repairs.

Josh knows his plumbing. If there is something that requires research, he (and Stacy) do the research, call the companies, find the subs and TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY. If someone doesn’t work out, Josh handles it immediately and keeps the homeowner informed. If a sub doesn’t show, Josh follows up. If an employee doesn’t perform up to Josh’s expectations, that employee is either taught how to do the job right (on Josh’s dime) or he is replaced. Josh stands behind his work; he is not inexpensive, however, his work is of very high quality and I believe that the homeowner will live to rue the day they hired the wrong contractor.

I liked Josh from the day that I met him. However, you can like someone but be disappointed in their work. This does not happen with Josh. He is a great communicator. He asks you about everything and patiently (brother, is he patient) listens to your concerns and he inspects everything. If you find a glob of paint, a cracked tile, a missing screw — ANYTHING (and I am a nit picker), Josh handles it.

I have had a lot of work done in my home over the years. We have owned this home for 33 years and it is more than 113 years old. I would recommend Josh Simpson and Solution Based Plumbing to anyone who cares about the work performed in their home and needs a man who is both a skilled plumber and a skilled supervisor of the job and the people on upon whom the homeowner is dependent to do that job right and do it well. I have the greatest respect for Josh and for his company. I have hired him multiple times and I have never been disappointed!”

-Iris in Jenkintown, PA
January 2016

“I’m very pleased with how Solution Based went out of their way to assist me. They worked with me to give me the help that I requested. The end product was exemplary and so were the technicians. Stacy was always there to lend a helping hand!”

-Mary in Wyndmore, PA
January 2016

“​In December 2015, m​y tub faucet was dripping rapidly, so I called Stacy with my emergency service and she responded immediately.  I sent photos of my faucet after our call, and the plumbers that came out were timely and personable, and had the replacement part when they came.  I am very happy with their customer service and the work performed, and would recommend them in an instant.”

-Suzanne ​in Southampton, PA
December 2015

“The Solution Based team is incredible! Josh, Stacy and crew are personable and professional.  They are outstanding in communication and attention to detail.  Out of all of my home projects, this experience was the best I’ve ever had.  This company is well able to handle large and small jobs, and I would certainly recommend them!”

-Anonymous in Philadelphia, PA
December 2015

“My first experience with this company was when the owner Josh diagnosed a hard to find leak. He had to look at many units as well as the basement of our multi-condo building and was very meticulous in his review.  His solution to reroute a line was more cost effective and less invasive than I thought it would be! We greatly respect his detailed inspection and have used Solution Based for three plumbing services since initially hiring them.”

-Alissa in Philadelphia, PA
October 2015

“Josh and his team did an awesome job. The guys were punctual and exceedingly polite. They took good care to keep my house clean and dust free. Couldn’t be happier. This was an emergency call late at night and Josh and Stacy made me feel calm and they got out the following day.”

-Nick in Philadelphia, PA
January 2015

“Josh came out immediately to perform emergency repair workwhen my pipes burst in a bout of freezing weather in January 2014. He stayed on to complete what had become ahuge project. He worked with both myinsurance company to cover the loss, and my contractor to relocate my pipes andthoroughly finish the job. Because of his unending honesty, professionalism,kindness and courtesy through the entire undertaking, I will not use anotherplumber or heat expert. At the time, hedid not accept credit cards but since he does now he is rated a perfect 5!”

-Cassandra in Levittown, PA
January 2014