Residental Multi-System Conversion

The original call: Replace a steam boiler with a mechanical system.

Options were discussed from installing a replacement steam boiler all the way to new heating and air-conditioning units and switching over to gas. The customer opted for five 95% furnaces with matching 16 seer air conditioning units. We also repurposed some of the existing duct to run three entirely new duct systems. Also involved was the replacement of an antiquated heat exchanger with a new hydronic boiler and indirect domestic tank. Gas supply piping to the entire project, including a new line from the street, was in order.

This is another very old, very beautiful home. It used to be a convent and was since converted into a single-family residence. The estimate on this job was a full eight hour day of exploration. We then went to the office “drawing board” to size and plan everything. Another full day at the property was taken to confirm our sizing and plan would be able to be executed. At that time, the customer added complete demolition of the steam system as well as a coal bin full of 4 tons of coal. He also added repair of the baseboard heating system that had frozen and broken inside the 1600 square-foot chapel.

The customer wanted us to go through the beautiful slate floors in the chapel but we found an alternate route through the walls which saved thousands of dollars in pipework as well as tens of thousands of dollars in repair work. Once we found out exactly what would be required when the mechanical work was actually completed, our carpenter matched the stucco finish inside the chapel very closely and the end result was quite good.

Demolition of the steam system required torch cutting for a week and removing 15,000 pounds of steel from some very difficult and awkward locations. The boiler itself weighed nearly 6,000 pounds. We disassembled and removed it piece by piece. Each system was installed in a precise fashion and is an example of quality mechanical craftsmanship.

The lady of the house was not accustomed to having large scale mechanical work in her immaculately clean home but we did an excellent job of protecting it; and for all that heavy demolition there was absolutely zero incidental damage to the property. Please read more in “What to Expect When Renovating.”

Without a doubt, this is one of the finest, most difficult jobs we have ever been a part of and the result was nothing less than spectacular.

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